Can We Really Increase Your Reverbnation Ranking? ranks musicians according to their profile stats, stats include song plays, video plays, facebook likes, twitter fans, widget impressions amongst other things.  The goal of every musician on reverbnation is to rank in the top 10 in their city / genre, the top 10 get all the attention , artistes with higher stats are ranked in the top 10, this is where we come in, We have been testing different methods of ranking artistes on reverbnation.  For over a year we have been testing methods to increase reverbnation chart positions in little time with absolutely no risks to the artiste and we now have a winner!, Getting real people to listen to your songs, play your videos, like your page, fan you on twitter and boost other stats depending on what the competition in your city/ genre is like.  We had to work with real people to guarantee results and to ensure that reverbnation doesnt detect the boost as coming from softwares. So yes we can increase your reverbnation ranking, safely too.  But it gets a little pricey, and we have limited spots available (100 musicians).  


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